Are You Frustrated With Your Workout Program?

What if the movement wasn't about losing weight, fixing flaws and trying to measure up? What if your workouts could be empowering, effective, and enjoyable – guaranteed?

Discover 6 simple & efficient ways to speed up your metabolism and spend less time working out.

  • Working out doesn't have to be boring & complicated! (It can be fun & easy to understand!)
  • You don't need a ton of equipment or even a gym membership. (You only need dumbbells or resistance bands with handles!)
  • You don't have to spend hours working out. (You can get real results with an effective workout in 45 minutes or less!)
  • Cardio isn't the best way to train. (Multiple studies prove that resistance training is the key to maximize fat loss and build your dream body. Muscle increases metabolism which helps burn more calories throughout your day, even when you're sleeping!)
  • You don't burn calories only while working out. (Moving around in simple ways throughout your day makes a major impact on overall calorie burn without breaking a sweat. Improve your blood circulation and create happy hormones, improve your performance at work, and increase your energy for keeping up with the kids.)
  • You don't need to "workout" everyday. (The body needs time to rest & recover to come back stronger, faster, and ready to take on new challenges.)
Ever catch yourself in a hole in on the couch? Ya know... you've got Netflix going, the pillows are squished just right, your snacks are in arms reach. Or maybe you've just gotten in a routine of working at your desk & coming home to veg out before you go to sleep. You start noticing your pants fitting a bit tighter, your energy levels are low, and nothing seems to excite you anymore.
So you say to yourself, "I've gotta start working out." You find a program that promises to get you in shape and you start feeling motivated.
And for a week you do pretty good. You start using that gym membership you signed up for last New Years. You're finding some days are a bit easier to manage than others, but you've told yourself that you're going to stick with it this time.
Then "life" starts building up. The program you choose starts getting boring, not to mention complicated. And spending an hour and a half at the gym everyday? You decide you'll just go a few days a week – "better than nothing, right?" – but somehow those days start becoming fewer and fewer.
Suddenly you're back on the couch, scrolling your phone, envying the Instagram "fitspo" posts – wondering why that can't be you. You glance down at the snacks on the coffee table and that overwhelming sense of defeat & disgust wash over you. The negative self-talk starts streaming through your head, spiraling you deeper in the box of cookies in front of you. And you vow you'll start doing better. "I'm starting something new – tomorrow! Well... I'll start next Monday. It's already Wednesday after all."
Can I tell you something? I've been there. Oh, I've been there so many times. This vicious cycle of getting new-found motivation, starting a new program to get my butt in shape... only to quit after finding it complicated, exhausting, and uninspiring.
I recently found myself in the slump of being overly inactive. I would work all day at the computer and sit around in the evenings. I was tired of doing the gym-thing with the same-old routine. I kept finding excuses to not go instead!
So I asked myself, "What if I could challenge myself to get a good workout in at home even with minimal equipment?" I knew that it would be more convenient, and I'd be less likely to create excuses so that I wouldn't go. Weather, time, or finances couldn't hold me back.
Then I asked, "What if I could consistently follow a program because it didn't require a lot of time?" I didn't want to spend everyday working out nor did I want to spend hours on the workouts themselves. Incorporating movement into my day in other ways would keep me from getting burnt out, helping me stick with it.
Finally, I asked myself, "What if I could see progress because I'm staying consistent?" I realized that consistency would be found in a program that fit my schedule, fit my life, and leave no room for excuses. I wanted something that would help me honor my body with the movement it deserves!
I looked for something that answered all these questions... but you know what? I couldn't find it.

So I developed my very own program & I want to share it with you...


Movement With Julie – the workout app for the everyday woman!

This isn't like other apps or programs you may have tried. There's no complicated workout chart, no excessive equipment list, and no gym membership required! You can literally workout anywhere, anytime.

Each week 5 new routines will be available for you to perform on your schedule. This will range from upper-lower body focused to full-body workouts. And the best part? They'll only take you 30-45 minutes to complete!

You'll also be able to see upcoming workout schedules to help hype you up on your journey. Each move includes a video demonstration so you'll never be left to guess if you're performing the movement correctly, or wasting more time scouring the Internet for a "how-to".

But I've found that staying consistent requires another component. An app just isn't enough. In fact, research shows that following programs along with the support of others help us stay consistent. In other words: accountability matters!

No longer do you have to rely on yourself. Movement With Julie comes with an exclusive community of fellow movers to cheer you on through trials and triumph. Including me! No one wants to feel alone in their struggles, and I understand that it can be difficult for significant others or friends to know how to support you best in your new goals & intentions. And sometimes it's hard to open up to them about it!

I've seen thousands of women come alongside one another and HYPE EACH OTHER UP to continue their pursuit of movement within a community group. It truly does make a difference. Heck – it hypes me up when I'm have an off day!

Of course you also want to be able to see how far you've come. As you continue with your movement, you can track your progress right inside the app – checking in on things like strength, performance, and body composition to help you continue reaching new goals. Because progress is more than just a number on the scale... it's learning to celebrate the "little" victories along the way that inspires you to keep going.

Movement doesn't have to be complicated. Start moving with me and see how easy – and fun – it truly can be!

Let's talk about amazing benefits with this program!

Workout Anywhere

I mean it: Movement With Julie is a program designed for you to workout in the comfort of your own home. That doesn't mean you won't work up a good sweat, though! Working out at home provides you the ultimate way to get movement in your day without breaking the bank, feeling intimidated, or letting traffic & weather keep you from getting the dang thing done.

Efficient & Effective

I have loved the freedom that working out in my basement has provided me! Not only am I saving money by not keeping a monthly gym membership, but I'm free to wear whatever I want & have dance parties between sets without funny glances. I don't have to wait around for others to finish using a bench, weight, or machine, so I'm able to really focus and finish my workouts sooner.

Minimal Equipment

I design my weekly moves to use very basic "home gym" essentials: a bench, a pair (or two) of dumbbells, and resistance bands with handles. That's it. No - really. And a chair, couch, or sturdy coffee table can work for a bench. And those handled-resistance bands can work just as well as dumbbells. I've even included links to the equipment I use within the app when you're ready to snag your own sets. These things are all budget-friendly, too!

Fits With Your Schedule

Why only 5 weekly movement programs? Because working out everyday gets boring AND unnecessary. Seriously. Movement With Julie includes 2 rest days – an active rest and a total rest day – to ensure your body is recovering from the workouts. Giving the body time to heal is just as important. So maybe your rest days are on Wednesday & Sunday. Maybe it's Saturday & Sunday. It doesn't matter! Because these moves are designed to be performed whenever you want within your week. Morning, noon, night... there's no magic hour to get it in. It's the hour in which works for you that's best.

Fresh & New Workouts Prevent Boredom

Doing the same routines, the same movements – it was getting mundane! I wanted to be excited about completing my workouts! Once I realized I could change things up, it kept me from getting bored. Pushing myself through high-intensity interval training and incorporating new movements helped me see that working out could be fun again. AND I was still seeing progress in my body composition. That's what kept me going, and will keep you going as well! When you wake up looking forward to a new movement session, consistency is that much easier to maintain. I want you to feel the same excitement with each new Movement With Julie week!

Extend Movement Beyond Workout Sessions

Movement is more than a structured workout. I found that making small actionable habits in my day helped me to become more active in ways I didn't even think possible. I was burning additional calories without even breaking a sweat! I'm talking things like parking further away from the storefront door, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, and taking a walk with my pups around the block. These aren't hard things to implement... they're just becoming part of my daily habits. Movement With Julie encourages you to participate in movement in ways you enjoy. Group fitness classes, kickboxing, taking a hike with your husband... you stay consistent doing things you love!

Accountability & Community Support

There's a reason they say there's "strength in numbers." It's so true. And having a community to back you up, give advice, be honest with... it's proven to keep you consistent! We all have "off days" where we need a bit of a push. Sometimes we have questions because we aren't sure what to do. The Movement With Julie community group provides you with a safe place to ask questions, share progress, and connect with those who will celebrate the small & big wins! I love connecting with other women because they motivate me to be better every day.

You Get All Of This For $20/Month

That's less than a dollar for each workout!

So, Are You In?

$20 USD – Monthly Subscription
You can cancel the subscription any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many workouts are included each week?
The MWJ workout schedule consists of five workouts each week and it comes with a circuit-training style workouts designed to help change your body composition by maximizing your body's ability to burn fat and build/maintain lean muscle!
How long do these workouts take each day?
This varies depending on your experience/efficiency, however the average workout for most women will take around 45 minutes or less!
Can I do these workouts at home?
110% YES! That is the reason I created the MWJ app! The only pieces of equipment you'll want to have are a few dumbbells, some resistance bands with handles (loop & booty pump bands are optional, but recommended), a bench and/or a box will be helpful for a lot of the movements provided in the program. 
What fitness equipment do I need?
To complete the MWJ workouts, you will need dumbbells, resistance bands with handles, bench, chair, and/or box.

Optional: Cardio machines, jump rope, and/or barbell.

* I would suggest having a couple set of dumbbells ranging from 5–40 lbs (depending on your fitness level) to ensure that you're challenging yourself!

** Loop Bands or Resistance Bands with Handles are a great way to mimic what a gym cable machine can do. If you need to get some, I suggest getting them as they are affordable and high-quality.
 Will this work for me even if I'm a beginner?
Yes! These workouts can be easily modified depending on the level of fitness that you are! The beautiful thing about resistance training, is that you are in control of the weight that you decide to use for the movements (i.e. dumbbells). I wanted to create a workout program that everyday women of all different fitness levels can benefit from!
What if I'm traveling for work and/or vacation, can I still do this program?
Yes! All of these workouts can be done with limited equipment. As long as you bring some resistance bands (with handles) along with you, you'll be able to modify most of the movements. The goal of this challenge is to teach you the power of consistency, instead of perfection! So, do what you can with what you've got! 
Can I use this program even if I live outside of USA?
Yes! The MWJ app is accessible through the Apple store and Google Play, so you can perform these exercises anywhere in the world!
Can I incorporate other types of movements in with these workouts?
Of course! I always encourage women to incorporate movement that they enjoy doing weekly to keep them excited, motivated, and challenged! What you can do is to follow the workout program and add an additional cardio session, spin, yoga, or bootcamp into your regimen. You can even replace one of the weekly workouts with a different workout of your choice!
Can I still do this program if I can only commit to working out 2-3x week?
Yes! The cool thing with these workouts is that you'd have access to all of the workouts each week. This means if you only like to do 2 or 3 of these workouts, you can pick ones you'd like to try. I would recommend at least doing 1x Upper Body, 1x Lower Body, and your 3rd workout can be whatever you want depending on your goals (Cardio+Core, Full Body or Booty Blaster).
Can I get the PDF of weekly workouts?
Yes, when you become a MWJ member, you will have access to the portal online where you can click and it'll generate a PDF for you. You can even print it and take it with you anywhere you go! 
Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime as you will not be locked in a contract. 
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